Celebrating Your Personal Financial Milestones

One of the tricky things about money is the awkwardness that comes with discussing your financial situation when things are going well. I rarely see Facebook status messages regarding every day financial achievements like “Who’s got two thumbs and is maxing out their 401(k)!? This guy.” But you know what? Maxing out your 401(k) feels GREAT.

As a CFP® professional I love to celebrate financial achievements no matter how big or small they are. What I’ve found is that some of our favorite clients are the ones who are already doing a good job with their finances, but they want to move from good to great. Plus there’s the ongoing concern of staying on track no matter what curve balls life throws at you. I’ve found is that these people have concerns and could benefit from a professional opinion, but they’re not as vocal about their finances as the person who’s in a not-so-great situation.

Here at Merino Wealth we work hard to empower our clients to reach their possibilities. We find that there are some common reasons why someone decides it’s time to hire an advisor like getting a new job, reaching a milestone birthday, having a baby, getting married, or receiving a financial windfall. And many times just mentioning that you have an advisor who’s helped you with X, Y, & Z can be the first step in helping someone that you care about move from good to great.

So the next time you’ve reached a financial achievement (big or small) speak up and celebrate it. Let others hear about it and it might be the first step in helping them to reach their next financial achievement as well. CLICK HERE if know someone that we can help. Or CLICK HERE to learn about more ways to refer someone you care about.