"What Do They Actually Do For Their Clients?"

This is a really fun and exciting time around our office. After spending time with our loved ones for the holidays, we are back at work with New Year’s Resolutions and a new tax year. Through our financial planning process, it’s our goal to help clients make more comfortable and confident financial decisions. So when someone reaches out to us this January, we want to make all this money stuff easier. But what does that actually mean?

Are you asking yourself, “What do they actually do for their clients?” You’re not alone. I get this all of the time! There are many people that throw around the terms Financial Advisor and Financial Planning, but, guess what, a lot of them don’t do what we do.

At Merino Wealth we work hard to empower our clients to reach their possibilities. The truth is the benefits of our services vary from client to client. It’s their possibilities that we’re working to reach. Not ours. Not our firm’s.

Some find validation from a professional (us) saying, “Yes! You can achieve your pipe dream of buying a house in Hawaii.” For others, it might be helping a couple get on the same page with planning for retirement that’s decades away while also helping with today’s spending plan. And still others receive the compounding effect of a professional opinion on how to successfully negotiate an already awesome job offer.

Now take a minute to think about your 2019 financial plan. How does it look? Awesome and efficient? Or time-consuming and complicated? What about your possibilities and pipe dreams?

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Cheers to the New Year!

- Jessica

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