Merino Wealth’s 2019 Financial Kickoff!

Our theme was “What is Financial Planning?” We realized that Merino Wealth’s approach to financial planning can come across as a fuzzy concept. Many times it leads to the question “so what do you DO for clients?” To prepare for the event I looked at our approach from all angles. The outcome of financial planning is different from client to client, but I noticed some top benefits:

A Professional Opinion: A client of Merino Wealth has access to education and experience that our team has. Our recommendations come across differently than speaking with your friends or your dad. It’s a professional opinion, not tips from someone who’s guessing on your financial life.

Accountability: Your life is busy so it’s easy to put your finances on the back-burner. Through our proactive process, we help keep you on track. And if you’ve procrastinated, we’re also here to help get you back on track.

Outsourcing: Dealing with your finances can feel like an overwhelming list of administrative minutiae. We get it. Our best clients realize that it’s not only easier to outsource but may be better in the long run.

Confirmation: We love “wildcard” goals. Want to retire early, be debt free with hard work, or buy a house in Hawaii? AND have someone tell you that you’re not crazy? Whether we’re confirming that you’re already in good shape or that your “wildcard” goal is potentially possible, confirmation could be a benefit of financial planning.

Wondering how you can benefit from financial planning? CLICK HERE to see if we can help.

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