Everyone's Financial Situation Is Unique, But We Are All Equal

Recently I received a call from someone I hadn’t heard from in years. A lot had changed since we originally met! She had gotten married, made partner, and was pregnant with her third child. With all of these changes, it seemed like a great time to work on financial planning for her family. I mentioned that we work with a lot of working parents with small kids, so it’s our goal to try to help them feel more comfortable with their financial decisions.

When the three of us got together a few weeks later we caught up on everything that had changed over the last few years. And after sharing some pictures of their adorable kids we started taking inventory of their goals including:

Creating a plan to move from their city condo to a nice house in the burbs

A cash flow assessment to help answer the question “where is our money going?”

College funding for the kids while balancing their retirement

Confirming the appropriate emergency fund

Consolidation and active management of their investment accounts

We talked about what they’d done so far financially along and took a deep dive on where they’d like to be in the future. We also faced the reality of planning with the consideration of an upcoming maternity leave which like most of our clients, would include a reduction in income for a few months after the baby’s birth. Did I mention that this married couple includes two women? And does that even matter when it comes to helping them achieve their goals?

At Merino Wealth we understand that families come in all shapes and sizes. All are welcome regardless of gender or who they’re married to. We also understand the fact that this isn’t always the case when you walk into someone’s office to hire an advisor. We get it. We see you and we respect you.

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