Welcome to the Merino Mindset

A handful of years ago a couple of clients came to me with a question.  The husband’s company was set to move their office from downtown Chicago to Ohio.  For a minute they considered uprooting their lives and decided that it wasn’t for them.  They took this change as a reason to take pause and evaluate his next move when a great idea came to mind.  What if we take a break-a “career break?”  Not only did they want to take a break, but they also wanted to travel the world while doing so.  And did I mention that they were in their 30s? Their question to me was whether or not it was in the cards financially.  Was it possible?

At Merino Wealth our mission is simple:  “Empowering you to reach your possibilities. Investing in equality.”  You can turn to this page to find educational resources that may help you to reach your financial possibilities whether that means sending your kids to college, retiring at a certain age, or taking a worldwide career break in their 30s.  In addition, we know that investing in a manner that’s in line with one’s values is important so we’ll also share insight on ways to invest in equality.  It’s our goal to help our clients be the boss of their financial lives so expect to see tips and tools to help with this.

So what happened with my clients?  Was it possible?  Like any good planner, I sat down and crunched the numbers.  I also thought about all of their financial goals and fundamentals like staying on track for retirement and maintaining the appropriate emergency fund.  I mapped out a plan, finalized my strategies and the answer was…YES!  Not only was it possible, but their break lasted for an entire year and included visits to all 7 continents, including Antarctica.  The experience was priceless and opened up a world of possibilities (literally).  

What about your possibilities?  What does your financial plan say?  Do you even have a financial plan?  CLICK HERE to see if we can help and welcome to the Merino Mindset!

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